Participate in Terra Nova: A Home Grown Choreographic Residency

Wednesday January 6, 2016
Los Angeles
Artist Opportunity

Made possible with the support and generosity of MiModa Studio, Yasha J. Michelson, Theater Jazzo, the Department of Cultural Affairs, and Rosanna Gamson/World Wide

Feeling stuck? Need a change of perspective?
Want to step outside your comfort zone and enrich your creative process?

Work with Rosanna Gamson, a world re-known choreographer and respected teacher. Reboot your creative process. Be in a rigorous and constructive setting. Find new strategies to strengthen your artistic voice. Develop original body-based movement explorations. Make time for intensive creative re-examination, risk-taking, and growth. Get feedback from expert arts professionals. Share your experience in a studio performance and have a conversation with the public, led by key community dance stakeholders.

Fee: $300

Participating artists/choreographers get:
- to meet for six 3hr. sessions; two of which local guest artists and stakeholders offer professional feedback.
– to have a one-on-one consultation with Rosanna
– to share work in a studio performance with the public, which will include a facilitated conversation with Ann Haskins

Meet once a week for 6-weeks, 3hrs. per session.

Start date: Wednesday, February 3rd from 1-4pm
End date: Wednesday, March 9th from 1-4pm
Studio performance & conversation: Saturday, March 19th at 7:00pm


MiModa Studio
5774 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 6th

Interested? Click here to apply! *
2016 Terra Nova Application

Questions? Contact Alex Mathews at

Rosanna Gamson brings a long history of teaching and of mentoring artists in a variety of programs to Terra Nova. She was Artist Faculty for the National Dance Project’s Regional Dance Development Initiative in the Portland, OR and in the Minnesota sessions, which resulted in overwhelmingly successful outcomes professionally for the majority of emerging and mid-career choreographers who participated. Gamson was a mentor in the pilot of the CHIME (Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange) Program in Southern California, and has taught master classes in Europe and the US for actors, dancers, choreographers and directors, as well as serving as consigliore and sounding board for a number of Los Angeles performing artists during their creative processes.

Gamson currently teaches dance composition to MFA and BFA students at the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) where she has also taught in the MFA Acting program. Her experience in this array of programs informs the design of Terra Nova. For more information: Rosanna Gamson/World Wide

Like the always welcome dinner guest who brings insightful new perspective to any conversation, Gamson is consistently one of L.A.’s most provocatively thoughtful choreographers.” Ann Haskins, LA Weekly

Rosanna is an “Artistic Scientist” who goes inside your brain to analyze your thoughts and your goals and helps you to make them a reality. She helps you to strategize your rehearsals so you can accomplish all your ideas without wasting time. She gives you many different approaches on how you can choreograph and makes you see a new perspective on how you can create your work when you feel lost and don’t quite know the direction you want to take.Jacques Heim, Artistic Director, Diavolo- Architecture in Motion (on working with Gamson as Dramaturge for Cubicle, 2015)

Rosanna knows her compositional technique inside and out and is able to communicate these ideas and concepts clearly through her highly developed methods of teaching. She inspired me in ways that pushed my artistic voice and her no-nonsense approach encouraged me to develop my own creative thought processes. I would never be the artist I am today without Rosanna’s invaluable mentorship.” Daniel Charon, Artistic Director, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

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