Introducing Sustain Arts / Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area

Sustain Arts is proud to introduce its second set of regional resources with the soft launch of the Bay Area platform! This marks a major milestone in our effort to provide pertinent and easy-to-access data to the arts and cultural sector. The inclusion of this vibrant region is an important step toward our longer-term goals of enriching the sector’s decision-making, planning, advocacy, funding, and engagement strategies with timely, accurate information about who is making art, who is supporting it, and who is participating in it.

We invite you explore the site:

  • Find Your Organization (and many others) using the easily searchable index stocked with 2,000 non-profits and 11,600 arts businesses.
  • Locate Participants in 7 different disciplines, across the 11 counties of the Bay Area and zoom in to specific zip codes to see estimated and actual participation statistics.
  • Track the Funding coming from over 400 funders (providing $1.1 billion to hundreds of grant recipients since 2001) and see how total funding has changed each year. You can easily filter the data by discipline, county, budget size of the grantee, or amount of the grant.
  • Explore our Key Learnings that highlight and provide commentary on some striking trends within the region and comparisons to others around the country.

“Sustain Arts is an incredibly important, relevant, and LOCAL research tool that will inform our strategies.” – Josh Russell, Executive Vice President, SV Creates

We encourage you to dive in, have fun with this data, and please share this website with your colleagues and arts community members near and far!

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