In memory of Jeremiah Tatum


Today we want to honor Jeremiah Tatum. He was a fabulous dancer and a force in the dance community. He will be forever missed.

According to his friends and colleagues, Jeremiah was always warm and giving with the information he attained in his vast and successful career. Never disingenuous with his work, his truth, or his time. He also was an amazing person to talk with, always had a smile of encouragement and always urging his students to do well.

Jeremiah Tatum grew up at the LWDT studio. He went on to become the youngest member ever of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, and he also joined the Broadway and touring casts of Lion King, among many other shows. He also danced for Luminario Ballet and JazzAntiqua, Los Angeles-based dance companies. Jeremiah has toured off an on with Lula Washington Dance Theatre since the age of 16 and also taught at the LWDT School.

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