HIVE: Santa Barbara

12:00 PM  -  6:00 PM
Artist Opportunity
(805) 569-0389

The HIVE initiative in its third season and has just completed a project in Brooklyn, NY at Triskelion Arts as HIVE: New York. In the Fall the community will be co-producing a studio showing at the Gail Towbes Center for Dance, home of Gustafson Dance and State Street Ballet. Participants contribute to the production tasks, production costs, and distribute the ticket sales and funds that come in through crowd funding. Misa Kelly is taking the lead this round and grounds into principles of conscious leadership and sets the intention to dig deeper into the concept of sustainability and artistic excellence in a fresh paradigm for arts production that is non-competitive, inclusive, and celebratory. to sign up. Taking a first come first serve (within reason) approach.

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