Co-Writer for Musical/Film Script

12:00 AM  -  12:00 AM
San Francisco Bay Area

Searching for experienced writer/ performer for a one man show project. I have written a respectable amount of but haven’t done any editing. My main concern is using the correct narrative. Should have experience writing for television, film or theater. A background in comedy is helpful.

The script has a completed opening and ending with scenes in between completed. In my head the story is completed but I’d rather have it be a little more tangible at this point. I’m requesting assistance on helping me get there.

I would love to knock this out in 1-2 months the sooner the better. As I mentioned before I have a great deal of material. How much will fit I’m not sure. Another set of eyes would be helpful.

If this project sounds like something you would be interested in please reply with contact information samples of your work and brief description about yourself. Include expected compensation as well.

One more thing if you’ve written a musical or have experience writing music for a film or stage production that would be extremely helpful.


Raheem Steward

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