Arts and Civic Engagement Fellowship


Fellowship: Arts and Civic Engagement (San Francisco)

Butler Koshland Fellowships is seeking an emerging leader to serve as a fellow to Brenda Way, Artistic Director and Founder, ODC.

Beginning in September, 2016, the fellow would work under the direction and guidance of Brenda Way as a Butler Koshland Fellow full-time for the period of one year. In this role, the fellow will support the executive-level goals of ODC. The fellow will experience the array of duties and responsibilities required to successfully lead a vibrant arts organization in today’s world. This is an exceptional opportunity for someone to participate at the management level of a major nonprofit organization during an especially exciting period of reflection and possibility.

Fellow compensation will be a $51,000 salary for the year plus employer provided health and other benefits. As an additional benefit, the fellow will have free access to all dance classes and ODC programming.

For information about qualifications and how to apply, please visit:

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