Artist In Residence Opportunity

San Francisco Bay Area
Artist Opportunity

The Artist in Residence Program at Zaccho Studio extends subsidized studio space to outstanding established and emerging artist in the field of contemporary and aerial dance. Our studio is equipped with a 3,200 square foot spring floor, multiple anchoring points for rigging, seating for up to 99 audience members and ample natural and artificial light. Artist In Residence are also given the opportunity to present affordable master-classes and free works-in-progress showings to our under-resourced community of Bayview Hunters Point, Zaccho’s home base since 1989. These work in progress showings also provide a chance for artists to gain critical feedback on new work from a live audience.

Zaccho Studio is a place where artists can share new ways of thinking and new ways of dancing. By extending partially subsidized rent to you as our Artist In Residence, we strive to provide a platform for you to deeply explore your artistic process, as well as an opportunity to present your own Master Classes and Work-in-Progress showings within our 5,000 ft² studio.

Offered Benefits

• 12 week residency, up to 8 hours a week *Artist scheduling is subject to studio availability
• Subsidized Studio Rental of $10 per hour (standard rate $25 per hour), up to 8 hours per week for up to 96 hours
• Endorsements of AIR on Zaccho’s website, e-newsletter, residency blog, and social networking
• Discounted performance rental rate

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