Organizations across the country are dedicated to providing research on the dance field—and the arts sector more broadly—as a tool for advocacy and visibility.

The California Dance Network has collected links to research reports, all free to read and download. We’ve organized them in two categories: California and National


California Research

Alliance for California Traditional Arts

California Dance Education Association

Arts Education in California: Taking Stock of
Policies and Practices

Dancers’ Group

Dance Activity in the San Francisco Bay Area

Health of the Dance Field in the San Francisco Bay Area and California

Health of the Dance Field in the San Francisco Bay Area and California | 3rd Annual Update – March 2015

Towards a Healthy and Sustainable Dance Ecosystem | May 2014

Living Transition Plan | May 14, 2015

Dance Resource Center

L.A. County Dance-Makers: Activity, Workforce and Economics


National Research

Americans for the arts

Arts & Economic Prosperity
Summary Report

Arts & Economic Prosperity
National Report


Snapshot of the field

National Company Roaster

Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives
Holiday Productions

Research Initiatives
Dance Communities

Research Resources

Task Force on Dancer Health

Services and Information Requests


Cultural Data Project

The Cultural Data Project (CDP)’s mission is to strengthen the national nonprofit arts and cultural sector by collecting and disseminating comprehensive, high-quality longitudinal data that supports fact-based decision-making.

CDP in Research