• Photo credit: Kathee Miller


Saturday November 5th, 2016
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Los Angeles
Performance | $10


3 great cities known for their dynamic art communities
Expect to be moved, shifted, inspired, humored and uplifted!

“An artist as one blade of grass, all alone, coping with the survival elements? Or, as a community, with interwoven root systems, the potential to generate a powerful sense of turf. Turf because dancers are a fierce breed: courage, heart, poetry, rich soil. As a dance maker twenty + years into the journey, I liken them to wild mustangs. So, given it is my turn to lead in terms of community production, I wanted to use a metaphor that serves wild ponies well. Turf tended with principles of conscious leadership; bee-ing the change we wish for the world!”
Turf tender MD Kelly Dances for the community, project of artbark.org.

Los Angeles Artist: Nancy Evans Doede
Santa Barbara Artists: Mindy Nelson, E. Bonnie Lewis, Ken Gilbert, Misa Kelly, Stephen Kelly
New York Artists: Trina Mannino, Barbara Mahler

TICKETS & INFO: mdkellydances.com

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