The Engagement Ring – “A Night to Remember”

Saturday April 18th, 2015
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
San Diego
Performance | FREE

“An Evening to Remember” will take the audience into a “memory experience”. Whether you went to the prom, intentionally banned the prom, or even just heard of the prom- there is an inherent memory of what that experience is supposed to be. We all know the sensation of being young and on the verge of adulthood. The range of emotions is huge- and this evening will play with these emotions through various experiences.

The night will truly be an evening to remember. As they will be going to prom- the audience is strongly encouraged to wear their favorite recycled party wear and feel free to dance freely amongst the space. The evening will feature dances that highlight the most familiar of American prom iconography, ending with an epic number that the audience will be encouraged to participate in.

Get your corsages ready and your dancin’ shoes on- We’re going to the Prom!

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