• Photo credit: Steve DiBartolomeo

Step Right Up! Circus, Dance and Magic!

Saturday May 14th, 2016
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
San Francisco Bay Area
Performance | $5-$15

Join Tandy Beal & Company on Saturday, May 14th, for Step Right Up! our newest ArtSmart concert featuring circus-flavored dance. Step Right Up! stimulates your sense of wonder with delightful illusions, colorful props, fun surprises, acrobatics and rhythmic gymnastics.

Using themes of concentration and imagination, the concert poses questions like: What if something as big as a bathtub weighed less than a feather? What if gravity went sideways? What would the world be like if you were 10 feet tall?

The original music for Step Right Up! is composed by Jon Scoville and celebrates the release of his new CD, Tuba or Not Tuba. The choreography is by Tandy Beal and features Nutz RE-Mixed veterans and Santa Cruz superstars Saki, Mercedes Johnson, Amelia Nommensen and Patrick Scheck.

Step Right Up! moves from the joyful to the joyful! With artful feats of strength and flexibility, rhythmic gymnastics and visual illusions, audiences are brought into the wonder that is all around us. Concentration and attention to detail are what make each circus-flavored dance inspirational and help us see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

What if you could write in the air with colors? What if you could rearrange your face? What if you could dance without ever touching the floor? Have fun with these enigmas and more at Step Right Up! Tandy Beal & Company’s ArtSmart Family Concert Series.

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