• Photo credit: Gregory R.R. Crosby

Rhapsody In Taps presents its 34th Annual Los Angeles Season

Saturday October 17th, 2015
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Los Angeles
Performance | $40, $32, $25

Enjoy a celebratory evening of tap dance, body percussion and live jazz & world music with Rhapsody In Taps–a unique visual and musical event! Recognized for its choreographic invention Rhapsody In Taps has been a significant contributor to the worldwide resurgence of tap dance since 1981, presenting a diverse and theatrical program performed by world-class artists!

THREE WORLD PREMIERES: Heart Song and Boot Brigade, two related works exploring tap, body and boot percussion choreographed by Artistic Director Linda Sohl-Ellison, performed by RIT’s 7 dancers, Sohl-Ellison and Monti Ellison on vocals and African drums plus Spoonful of Sugah, a short and sweet percussion piece.

HIGHLIGHTS: Canadian Sunset (2014), an imaginative take on the jazz standard by the same name with music arranged by Tim Messina, performed by RIT musicians and dancers, and featuring the multi talented Aaron Williams – performing tap, rhythmic ball bouncing and hand percussion RIT’s critically acclaimed and show stopping, Drum Thunder, a fast paced bebop piece performed on amplified wooden boxes Los Coyotes Diagonal, a moody and driving tap quartet with an original Latin jazz score composed by Jeff Mayor Laughing With Tears, RIT’s 5 part signature theatrical work to exuberant Klezmer music composed by clarinet virtuoso Leo Chelyapov and a reconstruction of Sohl-Ellison’s reflective 1989 solo April In Paris.

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