Physical Comedy Workshop

Sunday August 7th, 2016
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
San Francisco Bay Area
Workshop | $15-$30

Megan Ivey is a professional clown and dancer who received her training with Ringling Bros. She welcomes you to her Physical Comedy Workshop: Any age adult and younger people aged 10 years old and up; those who have training in physical comedy and beginners. Megan is a great teacher and will design the workshop to suit those with extensive experience and those who are trying Physical Comedy for the first time. She brings her techniques, skills, and fantastic sense of fun to inspire you. Come ready to enjoy every minute! You may fall down, but you’ll fall down laughing. These skills will add to your dance abilities, choreographic imagination, and your ability as an actor.

For those in the youngest age group, it’s recommended (not required but recommended) you come with a participating adult.

Prices are set at $30 per person. Come with a pal, sibling younger or older family member: the second person comes for just $15. A great deal for an amazing experience.

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