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Orixá Movement & Silvestre Technique Workshop with Master Teacher Vera Passos

Saturday December 19th, 2015
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Los Angeles
Workshop | $20-$35

We are thrilled to have master teacher Vera Passos in Los Angeles! Dance with us Saturday, December 19 for an intensive workshop exploring the intersections of Afro-Brazilian Orixa Dance Movement and the Silvestre Technique!

Saturday December 19

Your Neighborhood Studio
3625 Hayden Ave, Culver City, 90232

$35 both classes
$20 individual class

2:30-3:50pm -Silvestre Technique
4:00-5:30pm- Orixa Dance Movement

The vibrant traditional and contemporary dance expressions of Salvador, Bahia are a celebration of life, culture, and community. Through an in depth exploration of the Silvestre Technique and Afro-Brazilian Orixá Movement, this two part workshop dives into movement and mythology, gesture and meaning. We will explore the intersections of contemporary and traditional dance representations of the forces of nature ( Earth, Water, Air, Fire) // Orixas. Class will focus on how these two dance idioms layer gestures to create meaning, and how these layers of interpretation can be brought out in our movement through individual and collective expression. Our workshop will feature live musical accompaniment so that dancers may gain an understanding of the interconnected relationship between dance and music within Afro-Brazilian movement practices.


The Silvestre Technique is a contemporary Brazilian dance approach bridging the foundations of modern dance with Afro-Brazilian cultural symbols and gestures. Moving through a seri

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