• Photo credit: Lisa Wahlander

Milka Djordjevich + Chris Peck: MASS

Thursday June 18th, 2015
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday June 20th, 2015

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Los Angeles
Performance | $20

MASS is a dance, singing and dancing, a song and dance in a black box, a slow dance on a pedestal for three women, with music. It’s also the mass, force, and friction against, around, and inside that box. It’s a trio of voices tuning, their bodies objectified and recomposed through gradual processes in motion and sound. Like a prayer, it proceeds without manipulation, loving the flaw.

MASS was created as a part on an ongoing collaboration between choreographer Milka Djordjevich and composer Chris Peck. Three female dancers execute an interdependent score of dancing while singing live. They are their own musical accompaniment; a choir of voice, action and image. The trio creates hyper-objectified anonymous forms and three-part harmonies that pulse and throb through the black artifice of the theater. The performers oscillate between action and inaction, singing and dancing, chanting and swaying—an engine that evolves through space and generates friction over time. The work aims to unveil the materiality of the moving and sonic female body, unraveling its inherent choreographed code.

Choreography: Milka Djordjevich
Music: Chris Peck
Dancers: Jessica Cook, Kyli Kleven and Djordjevich
Lighting Design: Madeline Best
Scenic Design: Sara C. Walsh
Costumes: Naomi Luppescu

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