• Photo credit: Julia Snyder

Dance Your Heart Out…LA!

Wednesday September 16th, 2015
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Los Angeles
Class | $Donation

Soul Dance, a spiritually-oriented, free-form dance class, offers a sacred, safe yet joyous and completely free space for us to pray with our bodies as well as minds, hearts and Souls. We move outwardly as we attune inwardly so that we becomes healed, freed, aligned, love-filled, and downright blissed out.

Each class begins and ends with a spontaneous moving meditation at the beginning and end which includes spiritual excerpts and/or poetry. The facilitator/professional DJ spins uplifting, hip music of all genres interspersed with brief spiritual interludes so that we truly experience God dancing us.

While we do a lot to create a very safe space for the brand new dancer, more experienced dancers are also completely unencumbered to soar with their expression.

Soul Dance is a pure act of love. All proceeds (donations are optional) go to charity. The facilitator and assistants are unpaid volunteers. This fact likely adds to the divinely loving energy of the class. It’s been running for 14 years without pause and thousands of folks have joyfully participated.

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