• Photo credit: Bryn Cohn + Artists

Bryn Cohn Master Class

Sunday May 1st, 2016
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
South Coast
Workshop | $20

This class is a great opportunity to learn about and work on many aspects of contemporary dance.

You will work on all of this in class:

Bryn Cohn + Artists’ master class begins with a somatic and imagery-filled warm up emphasizing initiation points, texture and organic sensation in relationship to gravity. Through visceral and cognitive entry points, dancers are seamlessly led into momentum-driven sequences that challenge stability and mine dynamic possibility while maintaining connection to form and structure. Accent, gesture and acute attention to detail are layered to hone each dancer’s unique voice and stylistic palette. Phrase-work encourages an intuitive coupling between specificity and sweeping motion, shape and circularity, and the ability to morph from one physical state into the next.
Movement incorporates fall and recovery, spatial patterning, intricate floor work and rigor with strong emphasis on focus, choice-making and musical awareness. Partnering exercises examine variations of touch, momentum, weight bearing, manipulation, energy levels and counterbalance. Structured and improvisational prompts cultivate intimacy and connection while providing space to investigate one’s creative voice and the collective energy in the room.
An eclectic array wide array of music is used, anything from classical to hip-hop to rock n roll, as a vehicle to provoke thoughtful decision-making and rhythmic sensitivity.

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Bryn Cohn & Artists are here from New York on their West Coast Tour. You can see them perform in LA in the week following this class.

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