• Photo credit: Julie Lemberger

Barbara Mahler Master Class – Klein Technique™

Thursday November 3rd, 2016
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Santa Barbara
Workshop | $5-$18

Barbara Mahler, renowned Klein Technique™ returns to Santa Barbara for the TURF project, and while here, will offer a master class as a part of ArtBark International’s educational outreach.

ABOUT KLEIN TECHNIQUE: https://barbaramahler.net/klein-technique/

Movement is part of our everyday lives, and can be shaped and formed to realize a specific goal. It can be virtuous, and/or pedestrian. The two can be part of the same canvas, the same dance. Movement is the underlying and strongest component with which I create: designs, scenes, stories, and environments. My goal is to bring to the surface underlying emotional tones that are kinesthetically experienced by the viewer, designing tapestries that are rich, spare stark, simple, intimate. My structures are rigorous. I am interested in beauty and mystery, and story – telling, as I work to distill the meaning of a dance to its purest essence. My current trajectory includes but is not limited to rigorous improvisational and collaborative process in both in rehearsals and performance. I reference the body, my body, using pure movement and the process of its invention and investigation to create my dances.

My interest, my passion, is the body – the limitless possibilities of the body as an expressive instrument, to carry a story, express a viewpoint, depict a character, create an environment. I have pursued the form of the solo dance for many years. I think of solo dances as being in dialogue

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