• Photo credit: Alyce Finwall

Alyce Finwall Dance Theater presents RUNE at SF International Arts Festival

Friday May 29th, 2015
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
San Francisco Bay Area
Performance | $16-$20

Alyce Finwall Dance Theater presents RUNE for the San Francisco International Arts Festival at Fort Mason. This new work is loosely based off the Norse myth of Ragnarök, It is not a literal re-creation of the myth; rather, it is an exploration of the emotional elements that make up the story and its subliminal metaphors. It is an abstracted language, one of mysterious patterns and meanings reflecting the turmoil, anxiety and love in our modern lives. The piece utilizes spoken word in both Norwegian and English interwoven throughout. It is a fast moving, athletic and mysterious affair. Performing in RUNE are Kristin Damrow and Ashley Brown, sound designed and mixed by Alyce Finwall, including an original score by Hong Kong based pianist Lo Chau.

Olga Kosterina combines physical theatre with contemporary dance, acrobatics, pantomime and circus. Dilemma Part One is a philosophical recital expressing in movement the mental states through which we pass. Loneliness, despair; the person lost in the maze of his own fears. The eternal struggle between what we call good and evil, black and white and the conscious choice of direction in which each of us decides to go.

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